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writing clearly

(1)Two dogs, Aand and B, ran into the lobby of the hotel.
(2)Only three people a real estate agent, B and C attended hte Chamber of Commerce Mixer.
(3)Last Christmas, Helen visited only one person : her father.

nuit 15:介係詞
in February, in 1999 , in the morning
on Monday, on June 1
at 8:00 AM

in (city, county) in Tainan, in Taiwan
on (street) on First Street
at (address; a specific place) at 43 canner street, at school, at university, at home, at the store,
in (inside of a place) in the library (lab)

on (on top of ) on the desk, on the bed
in (inside) in my room, in my desk, in the car

3 reasons to, object to
a big influence on me, to concentrate on the content, insist on,
forgive you for +Ving,

seek [X for], seek informaiton about....
後面不加介係詞的動詞: seek, emphasize,interview

Using Gender-inclusive terms
(1)sculptor(sculptress)、flight attendant(stewardess)、representatives(Congressmen) Congresspersons、chairperson、Letter carriers、business executives、business owner(businessmen)、metorologists(weathermen)、fire fighter(fireman)、humankind(mankind)、they(he/she)。

Making Language Choices
(H) insupportable、preposterous、(M) incredible 、ludicrousgroundless、absurd、silly、false(S)crazt、 loony、bull

Choosing Words for their connotation

J is ambitious. vs. J is pushy.
J is tough-minded. vs J is ruthless.
J is foresighted. vs. J is calculating.
J is firm. vs J is stubborn.

Simile and Metaphor
(1) Boston is like Philadelphia; it lives on its past.
(2) After the mole devoured its prey, it sank into the earth as a submarine sinks into the water. -Konard z. Lorenz, adapted
(3) as if
An angrey man is a raging bull.
Every muscle in my body ached and cried for mercy.

complain to (a person)
complain about (a thing)
superior to
inferior to

Avoiding Jargon, pretentious words, and ehphemisms
technical terms, can do so--
She fractured her tibia (shinbone) in three places.

Avoiding Wordiness 方法
underline the most important words, check agian

Avoid starting sentences with phrases such as there is and it is; however, there are can be used with good effect to open a list-structure paragraph.

Turn nouns into verbs
ex. The crew had an encounter with emergency.
ex. The crew encountered an emergency.

Get rid of adjective clauses like who are, which was and that had been

replace prepositional phrases with single words
ex. She spoke in regard to water pollution.
ex. She spoke about ..

Avoid the verb to be in sentences

avoid the fact that


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writing clearly
Sample Paper
英文簡報技巧 2 How to conclue a PowerPoint presentation

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Sample Paper

Sample Paper ---check list
(1)each paprgrahp has a clear and sepcific topic sentence
(1)each point is accurately and fully explained.
4. Coherene
(1)Are transitions used between paragraphs?
5. References to the Text
(1)correct quotation
(2)Do they reflect the writer's points qccurately?
6. Sentence Structure
7.Mechanics, Grammar, and Spelling
8. Overall Ranking of the Essay

1. In his article,"The...," Oian explans that S+V. ....
(1). In the article "The..." Norman argues that.....
According to her, S+V.
(2). In "The..." Norman suggests that S+V. He states that ...

2. In his first point, Oian speaks.....
3. In the next section of his article, Oian show that....
4. Next, Oian moves into the idea that....
5. Oian's final point helps summarize the article by showing that...
6. In conculsion, Oian points out that...
(1). Finally, she concludes by making a plea. She hopes that...

According to Norman in his article, "The...," S+V. He thinks.... He certainly makes us think about our appearance.
One factor he uses as a basis for that opinion is ...
He goes on to say that his purpose is not to make a case for the return to Vicorian decorum, but rather to examine bad dress, manners, speech, and human releationships. He hopes...
In conclusion, Norman says that..

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writing clearly
Sample Paper
英文簡報技巧 2 How to conclue a PowerPoint presentation

2010年11月6日 星期六




[I. Opening Remarks]1) Thank you very much, Prof. Ohlander, for your very kind introduction. Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning! I consider it a great honor to be asked to speak about …on this session of our symposium.

2) Ladies and gentleman. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience.

3) Good morning. Let me start by saying just a few words about my own background.

4) Good morning, everyone. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you today. I am here to talk to you about…

5) Good morning, everyone. I am very happy to have this chance to give my presentation. Before I start my speech, let me ask you a question. By a show of hands, how many of you own a cell phone?

Expressing thanks to the Chairperson
Mr. Chairman, thank you for your introduction.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Chairman for his gracious introduction.

Thank you very much, Prof. Ohlander, for your very kind introduction.

I would like to thank Dr. Huang for permitting me the privilege to speak to this audience.

Forms of Address and GreetingsDistinguished colleagues, Ladies and gentleman, Good morning!

Members of the conference!

Others Can you hear me all right?

Is my voice too loud?

Reference to the Audience

I can see many of you are from …department.

I know many of you are familiar with this topic.

You all look as though you’ve heard this before.

I understand that you’ve all traveled a long way./ After hours of conference, you must feel a little tired. Now I’d like you to see an interesting topic…

[II. Introducing the Subject and the Outline of the Presentation]

[Background Information]
I would like to start by briefly reviewing the history of legal system.

Let us start with the theoretical basis of this new technique.

To begin with, we have to consider the principle.

I think it would be best to start out by looking at a few slides.

I should like to preface my remarks with a de script ion of the basic idea.

May I begin with a general outline of this project?

The first thing I would like to talk about is the definition of the terms I shall use in my lecture.
The first point I'd like to make is the historical background of the invention.

First, I shall explain to you why this new program is correct and feasible.

I would like to concentrate on the problem of domestic abuse in Taiwan.
I shall devote my talk to the surgical treatment of coronary disease.

I want to confine my talk to the latest developments in civil engineering.

Today, I am going to give a talk on the application of computers in medicine.

My topic today will deal with the observation of supernova.

In my presentation this morning, I'll limit myself to three major points only.

I take the liberty of restricting my discussion mainly to highway bridge construction.

Now, I would like to address myself to the most important aspect of this problem.

Among the many languages, I shall mention only BASIC.

What I am going to present today is the methodology and the data analysis.

I'm not going to say much about that except to discuss the literature on that topic.

[Outlining ]
My talk today consists of two parts. One is... and the other is...

I've divided my presentation into four parts.

I shall first talk about ... and then touch on... and finally discuss ...

The subject can be looked at under the following headings: ... (Pointing to the PowerPoint display)

I would like to divide my talk into two parts. The first part deals with…, the second part concerns ...

My presentation will be given in four parts. The first part deals with ... The second part relates to... The third part concerns ... And the last part discusses…

The purpose of this presentation is to...

This talk is designed to…

[Correcting the Title of the Presentation]

First of all, I would like to mention that the title of my presentation should be ...

Please allow me to correct a mistake in the title of my speech which appeared in the program. Instead of... it should read...

[Reading. Another Person's Paper]-
Sometimes you are selected to read another person's paper, as he or she is absent.

I shall read a paper by Dr. Li from Guangzhou, china, who regrets that he could not be here. The title of his paper is...

I'm going to read the paper by Dr. Yang. It's a great pity that, because of a health problem, he could not be here.

I was asked by the author to read his paper. He apologizes for not being able to come here.
The next speaker, Prof. Yang, regrets that she could not be here and has submitted her paper to me. I am not sure if I can present it as well as she expected.

I am not sure whether I'll be able to be very confident in answering specific questions. However, I am somewhat familiar with his work, so I' ll try my best.

[Checking the Microphone]

First I want to check if all of you can hear me clearly.

Am I speaking clearly and loudly enough for those in the rear of the room?

I wonder if those in the rear of the room can hear me.

If those in the rear of the room can hear me, would someone please raise his hand?

Can you hear me clearly?
Can you hear me if I am away from the microphone?

Is the microphone working?

* Summary-How to Prepare a Good Introduction
Realize file great importance of the introduction of file presentation mad then do your best in delivering it.

Don' t make file introduction either too wordy, or too brief. Usually, it covers 10 to 15 percent of your entire speech.

Select tile ways to capture the audience attention.

Indicate tile topic.

Outline your Speech.

Announce your purpose.

Prepare several versions of tile introduction, compare them, and then select the best version. Finally, learn it by heart so as to be able to deliver it easily mid fluently.

Don't start your speech with apologies.

Pay attention to your body language.

[Shifting to the Next Main Point]
Well, let's move on to the next point.
We will now come to the second problem.

Turning to the next question, I'll talk about the stages of the procedure.

As the second topic, I shall stop here. Now let' s turn our attention to the third topic.

So much for the methodology of our experiment. I would now like to shift to the discussion of the results.

Now, let's move away from the first part and switch over to the next part of my presentation.

That's all for the introduction and now we can go on to the literature review.

Next, I would like to turn to a more difficult problem.

The next point I'd like to talk about is the feasibility of this project.

That brings me to my second point.

I am glad that we can now leave this rather boring subject of mathematic deduction and go into a more attractive one, that is the application of the formula.

[ Resuming the Topic ]

Let' s come back to what I said in the first part of my speech.

Getting back to the subject of the problem of theoretical considerations we can find that...

I want to return to the first part of my presentation.

Now, to get back to the effect of temperature, you may be aware that the problems have been solved.

This brings me back to the question of security.

At this point I would like to refer again to the question of methods in the first part of my lecture.

Referring again to the first question, I think...

Referring to the Coming Point

I'll deal with it later.

I' 11 touch upon that point in a moment.

I shall tell you in detail shortly.

[ Introducing the Supporting Materials ]

I think this part is the most difficult, so I'll explain it in greater detail.

I think this part of my paper is most important, so I plan to spend more time on it.

Please allow me to deal with this matter more extensively.
Being the most important part of my presentation, I will elaborate on it with more slides.

I' 11 expand this topic with drawings and figures.

Indicating the Points Briefly

Limited by the time available, I can only give you a very brief account of this matter.

I don't think that I should describe the methods in detail, because they are included in the handout.

I will not go into detail on it.

This point has been talked about repeatedly in this symposium, so I am not going to spend too much time on it.

Let's go through the following points very rapidly.

I just want to outline for you what I experienced in using this new drug.

I shall not go over all these explanations. My time is running short. So I'll be brief.

It is sufficient to say that these experiments were poorly designed and without controls.

[Repairing a Slip of Tone]

The first of such experiments began in 2000, rather than 1999.

May I have the lights, I mean the slides.

The temperature increased, I shall say decreased.

The population is 13 million, sorry, 31 million.

The exchange rate dropped from 2.5 to 1.8, I beg your pardon, 1.9.

As you can see from the first row, excuse me, the second row, that the output increased two fold.

[ Expressions Concerning Audio-Visual Aids]

Could we have the lights off? And the first slide, please.

Lights off, first slide, please.
Dim the lights, and first slide, please.

The slide is not so clear. Please darken the room a little more.

Could you please turn on the lights, please?
Now, we can have the lights on.

Please switch on the lights.

Lights on, please.

I apologize that this slide is not so clear, but I hope you can still make out the general idea.

Sorry for the small print.

I'm sorry we left a figure out here.

[ Explaining the Contents on the Slides ]

This slide demonstrates ...

On this slide, you can see...

This curve in this slide shows...

This figure in this slide exhibits...

This table on this slide presents...

This diagram on this slide depicts...

This chart on this slide displaces ...

The picture on this slide shows ...

The photomicrograph on this slide shows ...

The flow-chart on this slide points out...

The circuit diagram on this slide represents~...~

Indicating the Sources of the Content in a

This figure is taken from.., by Dr. Li.

This diagram is after that of Prof. Yang with some modification

[ Demanding to Show the Next Slide ]

May I proceed to the next slide, please?

I think we can move on to the next slide.

Let me show you the next slide.

Now, we can go on to the next slide. '

Next slide, please.

By Wanli YANG

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writing clearly
Sample Paper
英文簡報技巧 2 How to conclue a PowerPoint presentation